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Welcome to McMillan Training Systems (McTS). In 2009, McTS began in a 200 square foot garage. A year later, with the help of loyal clients, we were able to move into our current location, a 5000 square foot training facility, focused on the best personal training for any level. We offer a full indoor obstacle course and are a fully equipped training center. 

At McTS you will find the areas top strength and conditioning training with services for all ages, levels, and needs. We have worked with all realms of athletes from professional to youth, as well as weight loss or specific goal oriented training. If you have a desire to make changes, or have fitness goals in your life, contact McMillan Training Systems. We strive to be the best personal trainers Lancaster, PA has to offer.  No matter your goals, weight training, strength conditioning, weight loss, athletic training or body building we can help you meet those goals.  We guarantee that our knowledge and training, along with your desire and effort, will exceed any goals that you set for yourself.  We offer group training classes and boot camps.  Our experienced personal trainers offer nutritional coaching.  We also have youth training programs and specialize in tri fitness competition coaching.  If you’re serious about making changes in your health then a personal trainer is the next step toward your fitness goals.  Find a personal trainer that will maximize your fitness potential. Take your workout to the next level.  

Note: we are not a public gym, but feel free to call or message us with questions or for a visit.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."
- Robert Collier

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